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Core Course:

Math/Phys/Chem/Bio/CSCI 319

Integrative Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics Lab

Recommended courses (in addition to the core course):

Biology 202


Biology 206T

Genomes, Transcriptomes and Proteomes

Biology 305


Computer Sci 013

Computation and Biology

Computer Sci 134

Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Sci 136

Data Structures and Advanced Programming

Computer Science 256

Algorithm Design and Analysis

Physics/Computer Sci/INTR 315

Computational Biology

Statistics 101 or 201

Statistics and Data Analysis

Related courses:

Biology 132

Human Biology and Social Issues

Biology 306

Cellular Regulatory Mechanisms

Biology/BIMO/Chemistry 321

Biochemistry I - Structure and Function of Biological Molecules

Biology/BIMO/Chemistry 322

Biochemistry II - Metabolism

Chemistry 111

Fighting Disease: The Evolution and Operation of Human Medicines

Philosophy 334

Philosophy of Biology

Physics 302

Statistical Physics

Political Science 303

Opening Pandora’s Box? Moral and Political Issues in Genetic Research

Statistics 231

Statistical Design of Experiments